Whether it’s removing paint from baseboards and trim, or removing the varnish from a vintage piece of furniture, chances are you’ll need to use some chemical strippers to do the job. There are numerous products for these types of jobs available in the paint department of your home center. Brad Staggs provides some basic information about how to select and use them.

We offer an array of Paint Stripper that is widely used in a number of industries. They are made using high quality raw material and are tested by our team of experts to assure its quality. Mostly this kind of stripper is applicable for repairing work on such machinery and equipments that cannot be shifted from their places.

paint strimmer
  • Paint Strippers aerosol spray offered comes with quality constitution support and is backed by strong formula that allows convenient cutting through multiple layers of finishes.
  • The superior working action of the product also allows for quick removal of latex and oil-based paint as well as epoxy and varnish among others.
  • Some of its features include strong working action; suitable for paint removal from different surface types like wood, metal and masonry; suitable for use in areas where brushing is difficult; safe to use; in compliance with defined industry standards.
Surface of Application
  • Wood
  • Metal