Catalyst Clear (Glossy And Matt)

These products are based mainly on alkyd and amino (urea or melamine) resins, often combined with nitrocellulose. Sherwin-Williams two-pack acid catalysing (AC) systems require a hardener or catalyst to dry/cure, which works by starting and maintaining the binder’s curing process until the chemical reaction is complete. The solvent evaporates prior to and during the chemical reaction, and forms no part of the final film of lacquer, paint or filler. Curing times of AC products can be dramatically accelerated with the application of heat.

Our range of AC products typically have excellent application, curing and stacking properties in conventional spray-painting facilities and modern application lines and produce hard, flexible and chemical-resistant surfaces. High solid contents ensure superior surface build and competitive costs per m2. Excellent pot life properties make for easy application and reduce wastage costs from product going off.