Metal Tech Paints Pvt. Ltd. offers a better-quality and variety of paint thinners like Epoxy Thinner. These manufactured products are used in various fields across industries. We offer Epoxy thinners in all different types of packaging as needed by the clients. Epoxy Thinner is a colorless, clear, and water-insoluble blend of organic solvent and aromatic hydrocarbons which is suitable for thinning solvent-based epoxy paints for application by brush, roller, or spray gun.

To satisfying your various demands, Metal Tech paints are engaged in providing optimal quality NC Thinner, Paint Thinners in the Indian market. Composed Epoxy thinner by Metal Tech Paint has the following features:

Features: Epoxy Thinner
  • Highly demanded
  • Precise quality
  • Free from impurities
  • Reliable packaging
  • Good quality
  • Easier applied