Derusting Chemical

DERUSTING SOLUTION is a Liquid Acid, Surfactant, and Corrosion Inhibitor based product primarily designed to simultaneously clean and remove rust from steel and iron parts. This product is also effective in removing flux, heat scale, and other oxides from steel, stainless steel, cast iron, and aluminum in immersion and hand-wipe cleaning applications.

DERUSTING SOLUTION is also suitable for preparing steel and aluminum surfaces for painting in immersion (Vat) or hand-wipe applications. Use of DERUSTING SOLUTION for cleaning, rust removal, or pre-paint preparation must be followed with a freshwater rinse and drying. If used prior to painting, parts should be painted after the drying step.

Derusting Chemical
Titration Procedure (insert “Information”)
  • Using a pipette, take a 5 ml sample of Rust Remover from the cleaning bath
  • Put the 5 ml sample into the mixing flask
  • Add 10 ml of water then stir well to mix
  • Add 5 drops of phenolphthalein indicator
  • Counting the drops added, add 10N Sodium Hydroxide one drop at a time until the solution turns from clear to purple. Swirl between drops. The number of drops needed is the concentration of the Rust Remover.