Etch Primer

This specification covers, ‘Etching Primer’ to be used specifically for Engineering units. It covers basic know-how of the primer properties, application and advantages.

This is two component system. Base is based on polyvinyl Acetyl Resin say Polyvinyl Butyral one. Polyvinyl Resin gives water resistance through its paraffin structure while dioxin link nucleus of six atoms give rise to a noticeable chemical resistance. Resin solution is clear, colourless gives excellent hardness and flexibility to the film.

ETCH PRIMER is also known as WASH PRIMER and referred to as metal conditioners. Compared with other corrosion inhibiting materials, they are unique and most effective because they offer in a single treatment several means of preventing corrosion. It gives excellent adhesion to many substrates; faster drying is also advantageous. The action of Etch Primer over steel or say,

  • Fast drying at room temperature or low temperature baking.
  • It can withstand up to 400o C.
  • Excellent weather and water resistance.
  • Adhesion to many substrates, Fibreglass sheets, Aluminium, Steel, and M.S.
  • xcellent water and alkali resistance. Resistance to mild acids. Not recommended for direct immersion.
  • Unaffected by Oil & Grease.